Testimonials from our Clients

Very good mechanics! These guys know what they are doing and are very honest. Having worked as a mechanic I only trust certain people with my vehicles, and these guys are definitely ones that I trust. They don't charge you for work that they haven't done and they won't try to sell you on things that you don't need. They have always given me the best prices possible.  They are often very busy and for good reason. If you need a quality mechanic then definitely give Adams a shot.  - Luke Andrews

Always the best will never steer you wrong! Love my mechanics!  - Trevor Bush

I picked this place to get my dream car inspected before I purchased it, and lemme tell you I'm glad I did. Firstly, The mechanics were extremely professional and friendly. After the inspection they came out and actually went down the list and showed me on the car which issues I should look at, they also gave me their personal opinion on the car and were so helpful as well as knowledgeable. Safe to say I wish I could come back but I don't live in the area, I did get my dream car though and I have you guys to thank for my 2004 Vw golf r32!  -  Hydro Cronus

This is a classy place with very knowledgeable mechanics! We were there for a wheel alignment. Highly recommend!!! - Denise Roggio

If I could give more than 5 stars I would..This is the shop you want to trust your daily driver or classic muscle car with. The care they showed with my '69 dodge was above and beyond expectation and I will not trust this car to just anyone. Have my business for life, highly recommended. Thank you guy's we are lucky to have you in town. Outstanding service!  -  Neil Running

My family and I take all of our vehicles to Tony. Highly recommend their friendly and high quality service, you won’t be disappointed!  - Brad S

Women (or anyone!), if you're looking for a great place to have your car--any car--repaired then Anthony and Danielle's Adams Automotive is the place to go in Prescott and the surrounding areas. I have taken my Mercedes to Adams for years.  -  Melissa Fryrear

Excellent service and know their trade. - Louis Olague

OUTSTANDING AND TRUSTWORTHY!  Anthony has proved himself over and over to be the best mechanic I have EVER had do work for me.  As long as I continue to live in Prescott and he doesn't retire, he will always be my mechanic.  He is what all mechanics should aspire to be and I highly recommend him!  - DIMENSIONS Design

Honest, punctual and fair priced. - John Wick

Letter: Reader appreciates customer service  

EDITOR:  Recently I took my vehicle in for new tires. While there, I inquired if they did alignments. They did not but recommended Adams Specialty Automotive Repair. I called and they got me right in. They aligned as much as they could but explained that different styles of bolts were needed to completely get it in alignment. We scheduled an appointment to have the work completed. A technician noticed something else and brought it to my attention. It was an engine problem. I drove to the dealer and was informed that it was possibly an issue covered under warranty but could not be sure until they opened up the engine. If it were not covered by warranty the cost to diagnose it would be about $600 plus the cost of repairs. I decided to buy a new vehicle. I called Adams Specialty Automotive Repair to cancel the appointment and requested they send me a bill for the cost of the work they had done. A few days later I received a call from Anthony Adams, the owner. He informed me he was not going to bill me for the work done because it had not been completed. I explained that I was willing to pay for the alignment that had been done. He reiterated that the work was not completed and I would not be billed. Even though they had done the best work they could do under the circumstances and were unable to complete the job because of my decision, Anthony made the decision not to bill me. If anyone knows how to run a good business and go beyond ethics it is Adams Specialty Automotive Repair. I highly recommend this local company. -  Herb Zach,  Prescott Valley

Reliable, honest, trustworthy! - Kirk Sawyer

Those are my husband's best friends that work there. They are really good, local, caring guys. All certified and honest. They are all family men that care more about this community than most people around here. They deserve all the recognition they can get. Wonderful people! - Jaded Mile

Reliable, honest, trustworthy! - Kirk Sawyer

These guys ROCK!!!!!!! Went for a Wheel Alignment, they got the job done without UNNECESSARY UNNEEDED extras, like a few places I've been to in the past!!!!!! Many, Many Thank Yous!!!!!!! Definitely going back, telling all my friends!!!!!  - Warner W.

I dropped off my truck @ Adams Auto this week. The service I received was outstanding! They were helpful and professional on the phone and in person. The truck had been shaking when braking downhill. The work was done in a timely manner and at a very high quality. The price was very fair.   I was not made to feel like my truck needed more work than what was actually necessary. I would say that Trust is the hardest thing to find when needing an auto mechanic. This is the third time I've used Adams and they've got my trust! Five Stars! Well done guys!  - Emiliano R.

I have both of my cars serviced at Adams Specialty, they are always amazing. Last time I was in I had an issue that was still covered by my extended warranty, they told me to check with the dealership instead of just fixing and charging me. I really appreciated that, it was fixed for free at the dealership under the warranty. Best service in town and locally owned which makes it so much better! - Sara P.

Third time I've been in with 2 different vehicles. Every time I've been in I'm very satisfied with the results. Prices are fair and have made them my new auto mechanic. - Bill M.