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Testimonials From Our Clients

We sure appreciate our customers, our friends...and glad they appreciate us too!

Adams Specialty Automotive Repair (ASAR)

Personalized customer service and automotive repair expertise.

We Mean Business!

Our expertise is incomparable to any other automotive repair shop in the Tri City Area.

Foreign & Domestic Expertise

ASAR differentiates themselves by having 4 bays available as well as a state of the art alignment machine.

Our Location

Our shop is located at 347 Lincoln Avenue in the heart of downtown Prescott. The location is visible from Miller Valley Road.

Located in Beautiful Prescott, Arizona

Known as "The Christmas City" and "Everbody's Hometown."

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Supporting Our Community!

Danielle and Tony are organizers of the yearly Car Show which rasies money for Mile High Middle School!

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Complete Domestic and Foreign Repair Service
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Adams Specialty is the only place we take our cars for repairs. Anthony is honest and reasonable. He will tell you what needs to be done right away and what needs to be done in the future. Repairs are done quickly and efficiently. You can drive home with confidence that your car is in good working order and it didn't cost a fortune. - Jeannie Munson

An excellent shop run with integrity and (so far as we can tell) honesty. We had a lot of (read, a bit expensive) work done on a 200K Trailblazer (we could not afford to buy 'new' so it was fix it time) including a lot of front end work and deeper than basic maintenance. They were upfront about the cost and so we were not surprised (this is a good practice). We spoke with an excellent and reasonably personable mechanic and in speaking with him you find the depth of knowledge very reassuring. The results are simply excellent. We've put on nearly 8K since the work and not one bit of trouble. We had issues with the windshield wipers and they found an inexpensive way to make 'em work, the front end feels like a new car and many of the squeaks and rattles it produced are gone. The two year warranty is a good deal and very calming. They do use factory based parts (not aftermarket) and that is part of the cost and part of the warranty. I would suspect that, if they had a second tier of service, using 'aftermarket' (in addition to the perhaps better factory parts)  gear, they might widen their following but certainly we have no complaints about the great work they performed on a once ailing 4 wheel drive TBlzr. Kudos for maintaining the outlook that 'excellent service' and reliable results make the foundation of a fine auto shop. We have no reservations in suggesting them for auto care and all forms of maintenance. Great place! You do great work and people should know... take care! Doc and Kris Colley

I want to thank the team at ASAR for all the good work they have done for us. I own Manzanita Landscaping and ASAR does the work on all of our vehicles both for the company and personal. Nothing but great service and workmanship! Thanks again for all the hard work!  - Marc Vetere

Honesty should be the sign outside.... The owner Anthony took time to explain everything that I needed to have done to my vehicle. The price was just as quoted, the car was finished when I was told it would be done. The waiting area is modern, clean, comfortable and you have the feel of home with this family owned and operated business. I definitely will be back. This is the best my vehicle has ever ran since it was new some ten years ago. Thanks: Anthony, Danielle and Crew your the best!  - by GoneFishing

Every once in awhile, I come in contact with an a service provider, that is extraordinary. Such is the case with Anthony Adams at Adams Specialty Automotive Repair in Prescott. I recently purchased a new set of custom wheels for my vehicle from. Discount Tire also very efficient, but needed front suspension repairs. The folks at Discount referred me to Adams Specialty Automotive Repair. Anthony and his team did an outstanding job for me. The repairs required presented somewhat of a challenge, but Anthony and his suspension specialist Wes were convinced they could resolve the matter. Within a couple of hours Anthony contacted me with the good news that they had in fact come up with a solution that made me very happy. Their facility was well equipped and clean and the technicians were pleasant and professional. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of general repairs or front nd rear suspension maintenance. They are a pleasure to do business with. - Earl Donnels, Prescott, AZ

THANK YOU!!! I appreciate all that you did with my car AND gave me an affordable price. You went over and beyond to help me out. You're honesty, trustworthiness and fine work will not go unmentioned! I'm passing the word. The Iowa Jetta is running like a dream....Finally! No more vibration, no pulling, no rubbing sounds. Wish I came to you guys first.... ya live and ya learn ;) You guys are the best! Adams automotive has been the most affordable, honest, knowledgeable, repair facility for all 5 of my vehicles domestic and import. I have lived in Prescott over 13 years and they are the best yet !! –  Kristi DeRuyter, Prescott, AZ

The Best in Town!!! I received top quality service and advice from Adams Specialty Automotive. I am a single mom who went to Adams for some vehicle damage and a rear brake estimate. They had my vehicle assessed and corrected within 45 mins of arriving at their shop. My vehicle went from "problem" to "problem-solved" faster than most places could write an estimate. And the price was well in my favor. From this point on, I will only take my vehicle to Adams. Thank you Adams Specialty for bringing to Prescott your extensive knowledge and customer service. - Robert , Prescott, AZ

Adams Automotive is Superior! Tony and his team are by far the absolute best place to go. Honest and professional! As a lifetime Prescott resident I was amazed at their quality of service. I don't recall an automotive shop in town that has ever exceeded my customer service expectations like Adams Automotive has! Keep up the good work! - Dawn Poulin -  happy_mom, Prescott, AZ

Quality workmanship. I am a commercial pilot who travels to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport several times a month. Over the years I have had my car maintained by several local automotive shops. Adams Specialty meets and exceeds the same standards of workmanship that I demand on the aircraft in which I fly passengers. I strongly recommend you to stop by and checkout their professional staff. - Captain John Waller, Prescott, AZ

Good honest people. Adams have the BEST customer service in town! Good honest people you can trust!  - by carb81

Anthony - Thanks again for the way you took care of my car during all  this turmoil with the insurance company. It was good to have the BMW  back after so long of a time. The cars runs great, and I now have someone  who I am confident can fix any issue I might have in the future. Thanks  for the way you treated me; in my business as a CPA, I deal with a lot small businesses; they are the backbone of the United States' economy.  Regards. John G. Matson, CPA, Prescott, AZ LETTER TO THE EDITOR The Daily Courier

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